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Hey, I'm Kirpal Singh and I’m an affiliate marketer - this basically means I recommend products I believe in that I feel people will truly benefit from and get a commission in doing so.

This is definitely one of the best business models out there, as It’s wonderfully automated - I could literally be sleeping and the business will run.

My vision is to help many others create a life of freedom too. I do this by helping people learn from the same mentors I have learned from to achieve success every step of the way.

Why I'm So Determined To Help You Escape Your Unfulfilling 9 to 5 Job

Growing up, I was a shy kid. I guess it was a blessing in disguise, as it seemed to help me do well in school and kept me out of trouble.

Nevertheless, those closest to me knew this shy nature was going to prevent me from fulfilling my true potential. I mean I refrained from doing things out of my comfort zone for far too long. Eventually, I lacked the motivation to do anything, and whatever I did do, lacked purpose.

For example, I set off on a path that most people take and that's to do a degree. Maybe I did it to get a good job and make lots of money or to perhaps make my parents proud - it did work by the way 😉

Honestly, I thought it was the only option I had, but the bottom line is I wasn't happy, and it took getting a job to realize that.

It took away my time freedom and if I had known it would do this before I opted to pursue Higher education, I wouldn't have done a degree.

That doesn’t mean I regret it, as I believe things pan out the way they’re supposed to. But this desire of freeing myself from the grasp of a 9-5 job gave me the push I needed to make a change to create a life I love.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about my life, as I know you’re probably not here for that, but if this does resonate with you, I urge you to read on.....

I finished my maths degree only to find myself over £39,000 in debt. Sucks right?!  What’s even more ridiculous is that I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

That meant I did a degree for no real reason. All I knew at this point is I needed to get a job, well at least that’s what my parents were pushing me to do.

They were right. I didn’t want to be a bum and live off my parents all my life. In fact, I want to support them and pay off their debts as well as mine.

Eventually, I was blessed to get a job as a Data Scientist and it paid well but at a cost. I had to do a course to get it, which cost me a whopping £8100 and took me a year to complete.

My debt blew up to around £48,100. Seems like I dug myself a hole, right?!

I thought it was necessary, as I could potentially earn a staggering £100,000 a year with just a few years of experience in this field.

Nevertheless, I had to give up my time freedom to achieve this and continue to do so even after achieving it. I mean there would be times when I would have to work through the weekends to meet deadlines.

It really isn’t worth it and if you’re going through a similar phase I feel your pain.

I thought to myself that, from the first day of school, all through my academic years and until I got a job, this is all I worked for. I couldn’t help but think ‘Is this it?’

I was not fulfilled and, in my mind, I couldn’t do this until the age of 65, but I thought this was the way things had to be.

However, I had to believe that there’s a way out of this trap.

My desire to scrap the 9-5 job was far greater than my reason for staying in it.

I had no intention of committing to a 9-5 job until retirement age. To then have the freedom to travel, spend time with my loved ones and pursue all the hobbies I was daydreaming at work about doing.

There were days where I imagined the most satisfying feeling of finally having enough money coming in each and every month to quit my day job. Just imagine what it would be like to drive away after having just done that.

Sometimes, I wanted to escape from work to visit a blue planet aquarium or a safari or historical places like Hampton Court Palace (home of the infamous King Henry VIII) and the list goes on.

But anyway you get the gist. I wanted the freedom and flexibility to do what I enjoy whenever I want to. But, did I really have to wait until I retire?

By that time, I will be too old and it would probably not be any different from being on sick leave from work. Not really having the energy or health to do anything.

Pretty much just sitting around at home complaining about the aches and pains in my body or that I’m not able to eat the foods I love anymore or whatever else old people complain about.

You call this enjoying my retirement?! I don’t think so.

Now is the time to do these things! When I’m in my 20s, full of energy, and have health on my side. Besides, I don’t want to waste my youthful energy in a job I don’t particularly enjoy. Wouldn’t that be insane?

It’s amazing that as soon I realised what the problem was I felt finding a solution was inevitable.

How the opportunity came at just the right time......

Cutting a long story short, I happened to be on YouTube one day and came across a  recommended video on "How to make $100 a day in passive income." I was immediately drawn to this.

These people are saying that it’s possible to make money without trading time for it. I have been known to be skeptical, but I had to learn more, as this could truly be a solution to my problem.

Most of the videos were about how to make passive income through an online business. To me a business was ‘one crazy idea = success’, else there’s no other way.

It soon became obvious that it's a myth and the more videos I watched, I was more and more certain that I wanted to start an online business - this was going to give me the freedom I have been yearning for.

One video leads to the next, but I still had no idea how I could start my online venture. Just as I was beginning to lose hope I happened upon an ad on YouTube. This individual in the ad was living the life I was looking to lead of financial, geographical, and time freedom.

I clicked on his link which I never normally do, but something just felt right this time. He led me to his mentors and co-founders of this wonderful community of inspiring digital entrepreneurs.

Before they showed up in my life, a lifestyle of freedom seemed very far away, but now every goal is within reach. They, of course, had to learn the hard way, but through their graft have found smart ways to leverage income from the ever-growing digital business world – these are the exact same techniques they have shared with their students. Students that they have dedicated their lives to serve.

They have proven that there’s really no limit to how much you can make online. That blew my mind. I was always told that ‘time is money,’ but that really only seems true if you work for someone.

I have seen success stories of people working for 10 hours a week or less on their online business and earn more than $30,000 a month. That’s more than what most people earn in a year doing 40 hours a week.

Just like these people, I’ve also been given the opportunity of obtaining the freedom to lead a life of my choosing and so I can’t put a price on how valuable it is to have mentors and a community. I believe that only those who are where you want to be can get you there.

Understanding the value of this, it sparked the desire in me to share this opportunity with others - this is why I'm so determined to help you.

If in all seriousness, you also want to have the freedom lifestyle and are committed to doing what it takes to get there, then I am delighted to share with you a FREE video series on how to do just that.

Just remember that the results obtained from an online business vary from person to person and so I would like to advise you to just focus more on ‘why’ you want to start an online business and the ‘how’ will soon follow.

So, what would you do if you knew enough money is coming in each and every month? Let this be your motivation.

All the best,

Kirpal Singh

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